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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

JC Precision Engineering earns 70 per cent of its turnover from producing a wide range of components for racing go-carts, a business that has grown progressively from the race track participation of the Munday family led by father Vincent who set up the firm 36 years ago and is now run on a day-by-day basis by his two sons Dan and Chris.

Production at the Market Overton factory in Rutland has seen around £1 million invested over the last five years. Said Director Dan Munday: “We used MACH 2016 as the final decider and ordered the Citizen Cincom L32-VIII with removable guide bush which was installed in July.  Such has been the success of the machine that we are now planning for a second because we are concerned we could run out of capacity.”

Since July, new contracts have been won that they could never have dreamed of producing before increasing not only profitability, but also throughput, with cycles now being clocked two-thirds faster than before.  For example one part taking 50 plus seconds on a fixed head machine is now produced in just 17 secs.



Monday, February 6th, 2017

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Does a company invest to build the business then push to achieve quality supply, or instigate the breeding of quality standards from the outset and use this as the platform from which everything is undertaken for long term planned growth?

This dilemma was overcome by Warren Gray when he took over the day- to-day running of his father’s subcontract machinist company Machined Component Systems (MCS) when ‘Quality First’ was his, without question, the door-to-door regime. Indeed, this decision has paid-off with the recent renewal of a long term contract to supply 22 different water pump components which will help take the turnover from £2.5 to £3 million for the 36 people business and initiated the investment in the latest Miyano BNE-51MSY turn-mill centre.

Said Mr Gray: “It’s our view that quality should never be an issue for debate in production and we also strictly apply it to procedures involving our suppliers as well.” He outlines as a prime example the most recent installation of the Citizen Machinery UK supplied Miyano BNE-51MSY in the machine shop which has 30 CNC machines in Redditch. Here, the extensive selection procedure involving a turnkey application based proposal followed by full acceptance trials has resulted in a highly successful installation that has proven to maintain consistent production through both day and unmanned night shifts.


WEC Group invests a quarter of a million pounds in new machinery to move forward in Aerospace Industry.

Friday, December 16th, 2016

WEC Group has invested a quarter of a million pounds in a brand new multi spindle/multi axis lathe in order to manage its increasing volume of orders for close tolerance aerospace industry components.

The state-of-the-art Miyano ABX-64SYY (now wholly owned by Citzen) is a welcome addition to the extensive line up of CNC machines at WEC Machining’s 33,000 sq. ft. purpose built facility in Blackburn, Lancashire.

It also works in tandem with the division’s existing 7 axis Citizen Sliding Head Lathe with 4 metre bar feed and up to 32mm diameter.

With the ability to machine simultaneously at the left and right spindles using the upper and lower turrets, both featuring a Y-axis function, the top of the range machine can complete front and back machining of products with complex shapes in a short space of time.



Sunday, June 12th, 2016

It took just eight weeks following installation of a Miyano BNE-51MSY turn-mill centre for Blackburn-based scuba-diving specialist Apeks Marine Equipment to record savings of almost £4,000 on production costs, halve setting times, and now include the finishing of an important sealing feature on two safety-critical regulator valve components.

Said Machine Shop Supervisor Stuart Davis: “We have seven Citizen CNC sliding head machines installed but were still dedicated to install the best performing and accurate machine to produce our safety critical parts.”

Apeks employs 150 people and is part of Aqua Lung International with some 30,000 scuba-diving regulator units plus bladders, instruments and a wide range of accessories sold to 50 countries.



Wednesday, May 4th, 2016


The need to further improve competitiveness with the advantage of shorter machining cycles on smaller and often high accuracy turn-milled parts, drew HPC Services once again to the Citizen Machinery stand at MACH 2016 to conclude an order for its 11th Citizen Cincom CNC sliding head machine.

Said Managing Director Paul Cobb: “We have excellent opportunities to produce smaller parts and the Citizen L12-VII gives us the best combination of speed, accuracy, flexibility and access for fast changeovers.  Also, with the ability to quickly switch from guide bush for long slender work to non-guide bush, the new machine will create even greater savings on shorter work.”


Ionic is a Pillar Supporting Exports of Machined Parts to Europe and Asia

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

W4955Ionic Engineering, a dedicated user of CNC sliding head turn-mill centres from Citizen Machinery UK, is now exporting half of its sub-contract machined components across Europe and into the USA, largely related to the switchgear, safety valve and electrical sectors. As a result of this continued success, sales have doubled since 2008 when the first Citizen L20-VIII was installed and the company is now spending some £400,000 on a machine shop extension and new equipment.

Managing Director Ian Fitzwater attributes much of the success of his 22 people business and especially the turn-milling of components up to 42 mm diameter to his team of three, plus a recent trainee operator that are involved with the turning section under Works Manager Neil Titmus. He said: “Our turning section team has certainly been able to exploit the full capabilities of the Citizen-supplied machines on many, mostly difficult components.”

In the ensuing seven years, his five progressive purchases of Citizen sliding heads and one Miyano fixed head turning centre has meant the company has benefited from the continuous improvements in the machines’ design. In particular, he maintains, the applied production technology has helped to not only maintain the UK and overseas customer base and its changing demands but also importantly, draw in new business from new as well as existing companies.


C & M Precision Orders Citizen A32 Following 25% Time Saving Demonstrations

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


Pre-order trials with C & M Precision on existing components, involving the world’s fastest CNC sliding head turn-mill centre, demonstrated cycle time savings of up to 25 per cent against existing Citizen machines installed just five years ago.

Said Managing Director John Cable: “The advances in Citizen’s machining technology really came home to us so we have ordered the Citizen A32 which will enable us to switch simple work from our four Citizen top-of-the-range M32s and Citizen M16. This will free up spindle capacity for new contracts we have recently won for some very complex, high value components.

C & M Precision based in Maldon, Essex, was set up in 1992 and supplies the connector, hydraulic, marine, medical, defence and lighting industries while also producing a range of electro-mechanical fittings for the mining sector and components for prestige seats for aerospace.


Wealdpark Expands Machining Capability in Less than One Year with the Flexibility of Two Miyano ABX Turn-Mill Centres

Monday, June 1st, 2015


Such was the success of the decision by Precision sub-contract machinist Wealdpark to expand its production capability and invest in a range-topping Miyano ABX-64SYY2 fixed head turn-mill centre that within weeks of the new machine’s installation and commissioning the company took the opportunity at MACH 2014 to order a duplicate machine from the Citizen Machinery UK stand.

Wealdpark’s business had been largely based on 12 CNC sliding head lathes that were beginning to limit the majority of its customer base to components made from up to 32 mm bar size. The business already had two Miyano BNE-51SY fixed head turn-mill centres, which extended the bar capacity to 51 mm diameter, but the company’s three directors could see far greater opportunities by increasing capacity to 65 mm bar and having the flexibility to quickly change from bar to chuck, to machine parts direct from billets up to 165 mm in size.

Renishaw Boosts Small Turned Part Production with 15 Citizen Machines to Meet Surge in Export Business

Friday, April 24th, 2015


Citizen Machinery UK has recently installed a further 15 of its CNC sliding head turn-mill centres as part of a single order for Renishaw’s UK manufacturing sites. The installations were made at Renishaw’s new 461,000 ft2 facility on a 193 acre site at Miskin, South Wales, and the Stonehouse production facility in Gloucestershire.

As a result of Citizen being its preferred supplier of CNC sliding head machines following its first installation of an F12 in 1982, Renishaw now has the largest installation of Citizen machines in a UK company. Altogether, 47 are in production producing over 3,000 different components for the group’s ever-growing product range.

Turn-Mill specialist harnesses Citizen Sliding Head machining technology to stay one step ahead

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


Since its establishment six years ago by co-directors Yian Stavrou and George Dingley, specialist turn-mill sub-contractor Sub-CNC Precision has progressively harnessed technology to streamline its operations and to stay one step ahead in a very competitive marketplace.

Every aspect of the company is continually being improved by the clever use and, where appropriate, the integration of advanced manufacturing routines and IT – not least with a trio of Citizen Machinery UK-supplied high technology CNC sliding head lathes and one fixed head Miyano multi-axis turn-mill centre.

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