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Stand No: H20-570

MACH 2018 NEC Birmingham 9-13 April 2018

The next generation of Citizen’s advanced CNC system featuring touch screen and qwerty keyboard is to be launched at MACH 2018 as a key feature on the new Cincom D25-VIII and -VII sliding headstock turn-mill centre. Operational flexibility is maximised for complex cycles with two gang vertical toolposts each with X-, Y- and Z- axes and one with a B-axis capable of both front and back machining. In addition there is a back toolpost and opposite toolpost with a tool capacity of up to 59 tools with the added advantage of removable guide bush for more economic material use on shorter components.

The Cincom D25-VIII is configured as a 10-axis sliding headstock 25 mm capacity machine which also incorporates the added flexibility of 0 to 135 deg swivelling B-axis. This swivel axis is incorporated within the first (X1, Y1, Z1) axis gang toolpost capable of holding four double-sided driven spindles to service both the main and sub-spindles.

In addition, a second gang toolpost (X2, Y2, Z2) is able to work independently or simultaneously with the (X1, Y1, Z1) toolpost to overlap for instance, rough or finish turning operations or apply in unison, drilling or milling based cycles.

Meanwhile, further flexibility for the tooling application is a (Y3) back toolpost axis with one fixed or three driven tools having 90 deg adjustment for face, radial or angle machining while the opposite toolpost is positioned alongside the sub-spindle (X3, Z3) to provide a further two fixed tool positions.

The power of the main spindle is 5.5 kW and 3.7 kW for the 25 mm capacity sub-spindle with both having a maximum speed of 10,000 revs/min. The gang driven tools are powered by drives of 2.2 kW with maximum speeds of 9,000 revs/min and the back driven tool speeds are 6,000 revs/min. Rapid traverse rates are 32 m/min with 24 m/min available on the Z2 gang toolpost.

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