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Integrated Laser Technology

What is integrated laser technology?

Laser technology can be used in the manufacturing industry in many ways such as welding, cutting and drilling by gathering laser light (light of one frequency) to make high energy conditions. Laser technology for automated machinery is very well established and can be specified for all manner of applications and materials.

Citizen have integrated laser technology using the very latest machine models to satisfy the growing demands for challenging applications that require very small component features, normally too challenging for conventional machining processes; components that are inherently unstable and or applications that require very fast cutting speeds.

Advantages of Laser Process

Non-contact cutting

  • Non-contact laser removal does not involve tool wear.
  • High accuracy cutting with no deflection force.
  • Machining chips are reduced to dust and easily washed or blown away.

Ultra-fine processing

  • Ultra-fine processing by using a very small diameter laser beam.
  • Very small component features with sharp edges, normally too small for conventional machining can easily be achieved.

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Reduce manufacturing cost

  • Laser marking at high speed on one machine.
  • Saving floor space (Use floor space of one machine)
  • Lower price than two machines for each process.
  • Remove cost of consumable cutting tools.

High-precision processing

  • High accuracy by processing without re-grip.

Increased profitability

  • Very high productivity — up to 10 times faster than conventional machining.
  • Increased hourly rate or reduced manufacturing cost

Very fast cutting speed


About laser cutting process

  1. Laser oscillator – Variety of fiber laser and CO2 laser. The oscillating type and power is selected by depending on materials and thicknesses.
  2. Laser light transfer line – Transfer laser light using optical fibers and mirrors.
  3. Laser processing head – Concentrate transferred laser light in apposite size and irradiate to material to melt it.
  4. Assist gas – The assist gas is effused coaxially with laser light and achieves cutting by blowing away the melted material. Selection of nitrogen, oxygen or atmosphere depends on the materials.

Machines available with laser technology

Our Range

Our machines cover 1mm to 64mm and above. Fast to set, quick to changeover and easy to use our technology represents a sound investment. We invite you to take a look at our range.

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