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2 Spindle + 2 Turret Model enables high productivity, high-accuracy and complex processing.

Y Axis on Turret HD1

2 spindles and 2 turrets allows for front/back integrated machining and with the addition of a Y axis on the top turret HD1 (SY type) enables for a greater variety of complex machining.

Ample Tool Stations

Utilising Multi Tool, tool holders allow for more than one tool to be mounted on each of the 12 stations. (Common on both SY and SYY Types)

Powerful Driven Tool

Revolving tools featuring a powerful machining torque of 20 Nm and high rotational speeds of up to 6,000 min-1 can be mounted at all positions (12 positions) with independent drive

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Machine Specification

Items BNE-42S6 BNE-51S6 BNE-42SY6 BNE-51SY6
Power Chuck SP1/SP2 5″/5″ hydraulic drive 6″/5″ hydraulic drive 5″/5″ hydraulic drive 6″/5″ hydraulic drive
Maximum Machining Diameter of Bar Work SP1 ø42mm ø51mm ø42mm ø51mm
SP2 ø42mm
Standard Turning Length SP1 90mm
Type of Turret HD1 12St.Turret
HD2 12St.Turret
Slide Stroke HD1 X1 axis 175mm
Z1 axis 380mm
Y axis ±40mm
HD2 X2 axis 145mm
Z2 axis 175mm
R spindle travel 450mm
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool □20mm
Tool hole diameter ø25mm
Maximum Number of Revolving Tools 12
Main spindle speed range SP1 6,000min-1 5,000min-1 6,000min-1 5,000min-1
SP2 5,000min-1
Spindle motor SP1 15/11kW
SP2 5.5/3.7kW
Machine Height 1,925mm
Floor Space 2,690×2,160mm
Machine Weight 7,600kg 7,800kg 7,600kg 7,800kg

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Product Matrix

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