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The latest space-saving, autoloaded, high-precision CNC lathe

Designed for high-precision machining of small-diameter work pieces, this machine has a wing type fixed spindle for low thermal influence installed on a thermally symmetrical machine base. It inherits the “design concept for high precision” that is a tradition at Ocean Cincom.

Combined with slideways with excellent damping characteristics finished by highly skilled masters of the art of scraping, this construction ensures outstanding machining accuracy in dimension and in roundness.

The work pieces can of course be handled manually, but the machine also flexibly accommodates automation including high-speed gantry loaders and robots. This makes high-precision machining even more efficient.

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Machine Specification

Items GN-4200
Machining Capacity and Chuck System
Maximum Diameter of Collet Chuck Fine Precision Air Chuck ø45mm
Pull Type Collet Chuck ø40mm(Stationaryø35mm)
Maximum Machining Length 80mm
Spindle motor 15min./cont. 5.5/3.7kW
Main spindle speed range 8,000min-1
Type of Turret Hrizontal Linear Turret
Type of Side X axis Dovetail
Z axis Dovetail
Slide Stroke X axis 300mm
Z axis 250mm
Machine Dimensions
Machine Height 1,695mm
Floor Space W1,350mm×D1,325mm
Machine Weight 1,500kg


Loader Specifications
Type of Loader 2-Axes Gantry Loader(2Hands)
Maximum Workpiece Size ø40 × 40mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 250g
Control System PMC Axis Control
Control Soft Flexible Loader Control
Drive System Right and Left Operation Rack & Pinion
Upper and Lower Sides Rack & Pinion

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