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Citizen’s best-selling L series machines have been relaunched with 4 different models using a common platform and a comprehensive range of tool holders compatible with other models.

The L20-X offers increased tool flexibility with up to 44 tools capability featuring two Y-axis.

The back working tool post utilises Y-axis control for up to 8 fixed or rotary, end-face or cross working tool holders for increased overlapped machining capability.
Another major feature is the ability to switch between use and a guide busing type and guide bushing-less type. This feature is provided as standard; the guide bushing can be fitted or removed very quickly with a simple operation.

The L20-VIII can be used as a regular guide bushing type lathe when machining long, thin workpieces and as a guide bushing-less type reducing material wastage. Increased main spindle size reduces material wastage and bar preparation requirement. Oversized options are available for up to 25mm diameter material.


This machine has LFV, click here to find out more about it.

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Machine Specification

Item L20VIII L20IX L20X L20XII
Maximum machining diameter ø20mm and 25mm option
Maximum machining length GB machine 200mm/1chuck
GBL machine Workpiece diameter×2.5mm/chuck
Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle ø10mm
Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle(tap,die) M8
Main Spindle through-hole diameter ø26mm
Spindle speed Max.10,000min-1
Maximum drilling diameter for gang rotary tool ø8mm
Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary tool M6
Gang rotary tool spindle speed Max.9,000min-1
Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool post ø5mm
Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool of the opposed tool post M4
Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool post Max.7,500min-1(OP)
Maximum drilling diameter for back tool post rotary tool ø5mm(OP) ø5mm
Maximum tapping diameter for back tool post rotary tool M4(OP) M4
Rotary tool spindle speed of back tool post Max.7,500min-1(OP) Max.7,500min-1
Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle ø20mm
Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece 30mm
Maximum drilling diameter in back machining process ø8mm
Maximum tapping diameter in back machining process M6
Back spindle speed Max.10,000min-1
Number of tools to be mounted Max.37 Max.33 Max.44 Max.40
Tool size Turning tool □12mm(□13mm, □16mm)
Sleeve ø25mm(GDS107,210)ø19.05mm
Rapid feed rate All axis(except Y2 axis) 32m/min
Motors For spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
For tool spindle drive(gang tool post) 2.2kW
For rotary tool drive of Back tool post std std
For rotary tool drive of the opposed tool post std std
For back spindle drive 0.75/2.2kW
For cutting coolant oil 0.4kW
Input power capacity 7.3kVA
Center height 1,050mm
Weight 2,350kg 2,400kg

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