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High precision lathe with integrated load/unload automation, ideal for billets or near shaped material handling.

The loading time is shortened substantially through coordinated operation of the loader head and spindle.
By constructing the turret with a single slide in the Y axis direction only (01RY), and by assigning the X axis and the Z axis that runs on a linear guide to the spindle, both rigidity and high-speed travel are achieved.
The enriched system configuration designed based on the loader head accommodates a wide range of automation needs.

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Machine Specification

Items LZ-01R2 LZ-01RY2
Power chuck size 6″ hydraulic drive
Maximum turning diameter/Power chuck ø70mm
Maximum diameter of Collet Chuck(Stationary type) ø50mm
Maximum Machining Length 80mm
Main spindle speed range 60 – 6,000min-1
Main spindle motor 7.5/5.5kW
Main spindle slide travel X axis 245mm
Z axis 240mm
Type of Turret 12St.Turret
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool □20mm
Tool hole diameter ø25mm
Maximum Number of Revolving Tools 6
Slide Stroke Y axis ±35mm
Maximum work size ø70×80mm
Maximum work weight 0.7kg×2
Machine Height 1,680mm
Floor Space 2,100×1,555mm
Machine Weight Approx. 3,600kg 4,000kg

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