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Autoloaded CNC Lathes

High precision machines incorporating advanced auto-loading systems for rapid material and parts handling

6" chuck capacity 12 Tool Stations
The introduction of a sub spindle allows operations to be perfomed on the back of the workpiece. LZ-01


4" chuck capacity 1 Spindle 1 x 6 st. platen 4" chuck capacity 2 Spindles 2 x 6 st. platen 4" chuck capacity 1 Spindle 1 x 6 st. platen
Fast production of components. Ideally suited for tight tolerance work and hard turning applications to include integrated auto-loading and unloading. GN-3200






Single spindle, gang type tooling for high accuracy with automatic chip control with low frequency machining software. Integrated automation for load / unload fitted as standard. VC03


Our Range

Our machines cover 1mm to 64mm and above. Fast to set, quick to changeover and easy to use our technology represents a sound investment. We invite you to take a look at our range.

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