Alkart CNC Wizard

Alkart CNC Wizard 2016 is the latest version of the popular CNC programming aid. Building on the success of the previous versions the software adds a number of new features including support for the latest models such as L32 and L20-XII.


As before the software is available in 2 editions ‘Cincom’ to cover Citizen’s sliding head range and ‘Miyano’ to cover the fixed head range.

A wizard guides you through creation of your part program and a built-in code library for machining processes is combined with reference material / diagrams to assist you during the programming of your part. Machine communications are also included supporting RS232, cymbalta online cheap Flash Card and LAN program upload / download.

New and experienced users alike can benefit from the extensive information that is available. Greatly reduces the amount of time you spend typing in lengthy M and G codes or consulting manuals / other programs.

Summary of Main Benefits:

  • Reduces need for programming manuals and reference materials
  • Reduces amount of typing required (and reduces errors as a result of this)
  • Helps new users get up and running and learn the machine
  • A simple program can potentially be written in a matter of minutes!
  • Full functionality is included for program validation, program transfer / communication.
  • Low Cost!

New Features

Which version are you currently running? Please see below for the improvements you can expect when upgrading from a previous version:

New features compared to ‘Alkart CNC Wizard 2014’ (sold from June 2014 to April 2016)

  • NEW CINCOM MACHINE SUPPORT: A20-VII Series 3, L32‐VIII, L32-IX, L32-X, L32-XII,  L220‐VIII, L220-IX, L220-X, L220-XII.  (i.e. GB GBL modes, templates, code library, engraving, machining data, M/G code lists)
  • Improved templates and code libraries for previously supported machines.


In addition to above, here are some further benefits compared to ‘Alkart CNC Wizard 2012’ (sold from July 2012 to June 2014)

  • NEW CINCOM MACHINE SUPPORT: L12‐VII (GB and GBL), L20‐XII (GB and GBL), M16‐V Series 4, M16‐VII Series 4 and M16‐VIII Series 4 (i.e. templates, code library, engraving, machining data, M/G code lists)
  • Completely redesigned program data screen including:
    • Many additional configurable program options categorised in areas such as part-off, air/oil and component.
    • Improved link to speedsfeeds screen – auto-insert selected value.
    • New ‘User program data’ function to allow you to save the entered program data for future recall.
  • Additional engraving orientation ‐ Face Engrave XY (PCD)
  • Additional milling functions in standard library and many improvements to existing ones.
  • Additional help support files – including how to use B‐axis on newer models.
  • Improved speedsfeed screen including linked dials for milling and link to program data screen.


In addition to above, here are some further benefits compared to original ‘Alkart CNC Wizard’ (sold from June 2006 to June 2012):

  • Cincom edition includes A32-VII GBL, L20X, M432-V, M432-VIII (and all previously included models from original Wizard).
  • Miyano edition includes – BNA (DHY MSY), ABX (SY SYY THY) and BNJ (SY SY2 SY3).
  • New text engraving function included for most machines – several orientations on main and sub spindle are available.
  • Miyano version includes an import / export function to easily manage programs made up of separate files for each head e.g. O1000, O1000.p-2, O1000.p-3 etc. and ability to view synchronised in side-by-side layout.
  • Refreshed interface with new toolbar icons, program icon etc.
  • ‘Remove Wizard guidance’ function to remove wizard comments (e.g. ‘insert code here’ etc.) after program has been generated.
  • Speeds and Feeds calculator to advise inexperienced users on suitable speeds and feeds for operations.
  • New calculator functions such as drilling depth calculator, groove calculator.
  • Program conversion assistant – rules to can convert program between certain machines types e.g. L432-VII to A32-VII and also can perform numerical conversions such as metric inch conversion on full program..
  • Quick Code feature available on right-click in editor with commonly used code e.g. for CoolBlaster etc.
  • Base license now includes 3 PC licenses (was 2) – so can be installed on up to 3 PCs.

Software Walkthrough – Creating a New Program


  • After clicking the New Program button you are given the option to use the New Program Wizard
  • This allows you to easily create a starting point for your program.
  • On the machine selection screen firstly select the machine type you are creating a program for…
  • …you will then be led through a series of questions and illustrations to determine the program structure required.
  • Following on from this you must choose the type of part-off tool you are using.
  • Now enter the basic program data such as the width of your part-off tool, length of part, bar diameter etc.
  • You can save the program data values as a template that you can later recall to save time.
  • These values will be used to complete the template and generate machining data.
  • Your program template will then be displayed. This includes all the correct synchronisation commands for your part.
  • This is a valid program at this point and will run on the machine (feeding through the bar and parting off) but you now need to begin adding processes relevant to the part you are making.
  • The task pane code library displays a list of processes related to the machine you selected.
  • Depending on the machine it is divided into sections for main spindle, sub spindle etc.
  • Within each section the processes are further categorised for end working, gang tool work etc. making it quick and easy to find the process you require.
  • Before inserting code you must select the correct position in the program.
  • It is best to work through the program from top to bottom, adding processes along the way.
  • Each section of the program template is clearly commented to make it easy to select the correct location for each process.
  • The sections described within the code closely match the sections within the code library tree.
  • After selecting a process you will be presented with the code editor.
  • A detailed description of the process is included along with a diagram to illustrate it (where applicable).
  • You enter the relevant values based on your part within the code editor (values required are marked with asterisks *).
  • Once finished click the insert button to place the code in your program at the location you chose earlier.
  • Repeat for each process required until your program is complete.
  • Many other utility functions are available to help you such as M/G Code help, calculators (e.g. Chamfer, Drill depth) etc.

Alkart CNC Wizard 2016 – Supported Machines

Currently the programming aid feature supports the following machines (updated 07/03/17):


Cincom Edition Machine Support Miyano Edition Machine Support

  • A20-VIPL
  • A20-VIIPL / CL (GB and GBL Models)
  • A20-VII Series 3 (GB and GBL Modes)
  • A32-VIIPL / CL (GB and GBL Models)
  • B12-V Series 1, 2 and 3 (1F5, 2F5, 3F5N)
  • B12-VI Series 2 and 3 (2F6, 3F6N)
  • B12-I (1F1)
  • B12E/16E-VI
  • C12/16-IX (1M9)
  • C12/16-VIE (1M6)
  • C20/32-VIII
  • K12/16-VI (1F6)
  • K12/16-VII (1F7)
  • K12E/16E-VII (1M7P)
  • L12-VII (1M7) (GB and GBL Modes)
  • L16/20-VII Series 3 (3M7)
  • L16/20-VII Series 5 (5M7)
  • L16/20-VIII Series 5 (5M8)
  • L16/20-VIII Series 7 (7M8)
  • L25/32-VII Series 4 (4M7)
  • L32-VII Series 6 (6M7)
  • L20E-VIII (1M8)
  • L20E-IX (1M9)
  • L20-X (1M10)
  • L220-VIII / IX (2M8, 2M9) (GB and GBL Modes)
  • L220-X / L220-XII (2M10, 2M12) (GB and GBL Modes)
  • L32-VIII / IX (1M8, 1M9) (GB and GBL Modes)
  • L32-X / XII (1M10, 1M12) (GB and GBL Modes)
  • M20/32-III Series 2 (2M3)
  • M12/16-III Series 3 (3M3)
  • M12/16-V Series 3 (3M5)
  • M20/32-V Series 3 (3M5)
  • M16-V Series 4 (4M5)
  • M16-VII Series 4 (4M7)
  • M16-VIII Series 4 (4M8)
  • M32-V Series 4 (4M5)
  • M32-VII Series 4 (4M7)
  • M32-VIII Series 4 (4M8)
  • R04/07-VI (1F6, 1F7)

  • ABX-51/64SYY
  • ABX-51/64SYY2
  • ABX-51/64THY
  • ABX-51/64THY2
  • BNA-34/42DHY
  • BNA-34/42DHY2
  • BNA-42S
  • BNA-42MSY
  • BNA-42MSY2
  • BNA-42GTY
  • BND-51SY2
  • BNJ-34/42/51SY
  • BNJ-34/42/51SY2
  • BNJ-34/42/51SY3
  • BNJ-34/42/51SY5
  • BNJ-34/42/51SY6




Here are a selection of comments from users of Alkart CNC Wizard:

“The software provided with the machine has made the most complex lathe in the factory the most user friendly. The machine is programmed from our engineering office off the shop floor, the majority of the programs do not need editing once programmed.”

“As you are aware this was a new concept for some of our guys, so having the Wizard as a programming aid made it so much easier for them to learn about the new machine, without the worry of instantly knowing all of the necessary codes.”

“After only a couple of hours training I now use the CNC Wizard for all offline programming on my new machine. I find it extremely quick & easy to use with its drop down menus and step by step guides enabling me to compile an accurate program in the shortest time.”

“We are absolutely delighted with the “Wizard” software package. Both the operators who use the software when programming say that it saves them a tremendous amount of time. It generates a lot of programming codes & synchronizes the three different programming areas used. Their answer when I asked what they thought of it, was “Brilliant”. That says it all really.”

Pricing and Availability

In the UK and Ireland the software is available direct from Citizen Machinery UK. For other markets we have begun to setup a network of distributors based around the Citizen representatives in each market.

Please consult the table below for the current list, additional distributors will be added over time. If your country is not listed here please contact us direct.

Alkart CNC Wizard Distributors
Market Distributor Name Website
  • Australia
John Hart Pty Ltd
  • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

BUN Engineering [Cincom]

Make! Machining Technology [Miyano]

  • China
Citizen (China) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Denmark
  • Finland
Teotek Oy
  • France
  • Germany
Citizen Machinery Europe
  • Israel
ELBE Leading Technological Solutions Ltd
  • Hungary
Controlsystem CNC Szerszámgép Kereskedelem & Szerviz Hungary
  • Italy
  • Japan
Citizen Machinery Japan Co. Ltd.
  • New Zealand
Aotea Machinery
  • Slovenia
Siming d.o.o.
  • South Africa
Citizen Machinery UK Ltd.
  • Spain
Egasca S.A.
  • Sweden
Bromi AB
  • Switzerland
Suvema AG Werkzeugmaschinen
  • UK and Ireland

Citizen Machinery UK Ltd.
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. distributor network Please see:

to find your local distributor

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